Introducing the Volvo World Golf Challenge

Rules for the World Final

Detailed rules for the World Final will be presented upon arrival.

World Final Rules


This will be a 36-hole, individual, Stableford competition played over two rounds.


The maximum handicap is 24 for Men, 28 for Ladies, and the Slope Rating system is not used. Finalists with a handicap in excess of this will be allowed to enter, but will only be allocated the relevant tournament limit of 24/28.

Subject to the 24/28 maximum, each player will receive their full handicap allowance

A handicap certificate from a recognised golf club must be provided to the Volvo Event Management Golf team prior to the event, and all finalists must also bring their authorised handicap certificate with them to the World Final. The tournament committee has the right to refuse entry from any golfer failing to do this, and reserves the right to ask players to provide a detailed history of their playing record.


The minimum age for finalists is 18.


All golfers will play off the men’s/ladies’ tee as advised on the day.

No Partner Policy

To ensure that the focus is on the event, the Volvo World Golf Challenge World Final has a strict No Partner policy. This means that husbands/wives/friends of finalists are not allowed to accompany them on their trip to the World Final.

This is strictly enforced in order to ensure the highest possible standards for every element of the programme. Allowing partners could result in larger and less manageable groups, in less interaction, and would not be fair to those who cannot bring a partner.

Rules of Golf

The event will be played under the rules laid down by The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Additional local rules will be posted on the notice board.


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